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about the importance of visiting parents in prison

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Echoes of Incarceration  (2009 - 10-min DVD)

This first film from the Echoes project introduces viewers to the world of children with incarcerated parents.  Through the stories of four young people, as well as experts and advocates in the field, this film creates an emotional, compelling case for the importance of ongoing parental contact.   The DVD has been shown in prisons, universities, trainings around the country, and won the “Speaking Out” award at Media That Matters Film Festival. View online HERE

2. Caring Through Struggle (2013 - 11-min DVD) Youth filmmakers explore the hidden issues faced by grandparents and caregivers raising children with incarcerated parents. Includes 12-minute extra chapter for social workers.  Created with help from the NYC Department of Aging Grandparent Resource Center. View online HERE.

3. Visiting - Through the Youth Lens (2014)   Research has shown that a sustained relationship with a parent in prison is one of the strongest factors in both reducing a child's trauma, and also in reducing that parent's rate of recidivism.  Yet children often face huge resistance to visiting a parent. This film digs into the challenges, sorrows, and incredible joys of visiting a parent in prison, and address one of the deepest misconceptions that children with incarcerated parents

face.  View short version on Upworthy HERE.

4. Resiliency Stories DVD (2015-present)

From Obie-winning playwright Daniel Beaty, to celebrated hip hop artist F.Stokes, to high school-age poets, to Echoes crew members’ own autobiographical pieces, this DVD will collect short documentary success stories about artists and activists who have had a parent in prison, and what it took for them to find their voice. See the page of stories HERE

5. THE VISIT: A Day with my Father

at Sing Sing (In post-production)  Crew member Kharon Benson was told all his life his father was away in the military.  At age 11 he got a letter from his father and learned he’s actually serving a 25-to-life sentence.  In this powerful film, Kharon explores his complex emotions of that discovery which ultimately lead him to bring a camera to Sing Sing to ask his father all the questions he’s always wanted to ask.

6. Parenting from Behind Bars and During Reenty (In production)

This film will explore the complex, challenging, but vitally important role that parents can play in their children's lives from behind bars.   The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the parent-child relationship, and also to provide a resource DVD for parenting classes inside prisons. 

More coming soon...  We’re currently creating a series of films to

correspond to the Bill of Rights for Children of the Incarcerated..


Other prison reform & reentry titles:

Re-Imagine the Future (2008 - 15-min DVD)

Ten formerly incarcerated individuals tell their inspiring stories of their journey from prison to college. This piece was commissioned by the New York State Department of Corrections, and is shown in in facilities across New York State.  View online HERE.

Passport to the Future: Accessing Higher Education in an Era of Mass Incarceration (20-min DVD)

This film, created with Soros Justice Fellow Benay Rubenstein, explores the barriers to college admissions for applicants with criminal history. Their stories become a window into our broken system of mass incarceration and reentry.  View online HERE.


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